Why ePlus for Security?

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The ePlus approach to driving business outcomes

  • ePlus provides our customers with tailored solutions focused on achieving outcomes that address the specific needs of their organization.
  • Our comprehensive approach couples leading technology with valued services to help navigate the sea of solutions and software to provide you efficient, integrated and affordable solutions.
  • We work with your organization and understand the skills, processes and technology you have made investments in and will tailor our approach to ensure your organization is best positioned to mitigate critical risks.

Aligning Business Outcomes to Your Security Program

ePlus designs and delivers effective, integrated cybersecurity programs centered on culture and technology, aimed at mitigating business risk, empowering digital transformation, and enabling innovation. We do this by understanding our customers’ business challenges and tailoring comprehensive security programs that help protect their entire IT infrastructure.

Stop Disruptive Cyber Threats

Mitigate the risk disruptive threats pose to critical business operations such as:

  • Ransomware
  • Crypto-jacking / Resource Misuse
  • Systems & Data Integrity
  • Loss of Service
  • Brand Reputation

Reduce Your Attack Surface

Protect your organization from risks associated with lateral movement, compromised credentials and lack of network visibility.

  • Increase in connected devices
  • Unauthorized access
  • Resident Threats
  • Disjointed IT Stack

Secure Multi-Cloud Workloads

Protect critical assets, no matter their location.

  • Secure modern applications & architectures
  • Address cloud-shared responsibility model
  • Data Protection & Privacy Integration
  • Align Cloud Strategy & Risk Management

Optimize Your Defenses

Consolidate and integrate security technologies.

  • Improve detection and response capabilities
  • Centralize analysis and reporting
  • Create a layered defense strategy
  • Bridge the skills gap through efficiency, automation and outsourcing

Portfolio of Security Services