Why ePlus for Services?

ePlus brings a unique outcomes-focused perspective to understand the big picture while also delivering practical approaches to guide you in achieving your ultimate vision—a more modern, secure digital business. With ePlus, Perspective Means Everything

When Perspective Is Everything, Your Partner Means Even More

Approaching your IT strategy from a strong and clear vantage point can set you up to realize the greatest impact from your IT investments—even in the face of today’s complexity and disruption. That's why choosing the right partner is key to fueling your success. ePlus brings the insightful strategies and innovative solutions you need to elevate your business.

Not All Perspectives Are Created Equal

Imagine being able to see the forest and the trees as you manage your IT landscape—with keen insight into the holistic view and the ability to tackle every detail in between. Leverage ePlus’ deep and broad services expertise forged from thousands of customer engagements to discover more from your technology. Together, we can help you strategize for more agility, architect for better outcomes, accelerate for faster ROI, and optimize for stronger resiliency.

Configuration Center Locations

Facility Details

  • Full Configuration Center Capabilities -Bench space for Software Imaging and Asset Tagging -ePlus racks for Device Staging -Floor space for Rack/Stack Cabinet Integrations -Capable of providing both DC/AC power requirements -Provide remote connectivity
  • Warehouse and Logistics
  • International Shipping

4 Locations:

  • Sterling, VA
  • Houston, TX
  • Milpitas, CA
  • Chandler, AZ

Configuration Centers | Access Controls

Facility Details

  • Buildings have no markings or advertisements.
  • No visuals into the space.
  • Access control on all doors, restricting only those that need to be in the facility. All visitors must sign in and be escorted.
  • Central alarm system that automatically arms when no one is present, including sensors on any exterior doors and interior zoned doors. Glass break sensors and Thermo/motion sensors. Sensors that detect roof penetrations.
  • Water and heat sensors throughout facility
  • Security cameras covering the entire facility. Retention policy for Security cameras is 7 days, with the ability to expand retention time to meet customer requirements

Global Deployments

Global Deployments are to project-based solutions, focused around an easily repeatable task or tasks across multiple locations

  • Project Coordination Driven
  • High Touch Model
  • Easily Combined with Staging – Ready to go, Right out of the box
  • Local Resources, Global Capabilities
  • Flexible Pricing Models

Designed specifically for customer rollouts and refreshes

On Demand Call Center

On Demand Call Center supports requests globally for task-oriented work on a T&M basis

  • MAC Services
  • SLAs – Scheduled Event, Next Business Day, & 4 Hour Response
  • Basic Cabling
  • Flexible Terms
  • Dedicated Customer Services Team

Unparalleled 24x7x365 Global Dispatching Available

IT Asset Disposition Services

IT Asset Disposition Services provide customers with a solution for properly recycling, repurposing, and destroying e-waste

  • Global Solution
  • Responsible Recycling
  • Packing, Logistics, and White Glove Services
  • Reallocation of Assets from one datacenter to another
  • Decommissioning and Disposing of Assets (ITAD)
  • Disconnect and Rack breakdown
  • Customer Asset Refresh – including Buy-Back
  • Asset Inventory and Serial Number Capture