Get in the Driver's Seat

Ready to avoid the common pitfalls and get on a better path to IT lifecycle management? Put the ePlus pit crew on your side. With our Asset Management Service (AMS), you’ll be able to establish and maintain an accurate view of your IT inventory (hardware and software included) so you maximize every services dollar spent. Your team will be free from the cumbersome and costly task of manually managing your assets and CapEx/OpEx expenses. You’ll also lower the risk of overspending and downtime without having to worry about lifecycle surprises.

You’ll have our trifecta of people, process, and tools to keep things on track, including a Customer Cost Optimization Manager, system automation, and a highly-intelligent dashboard.

The Power of ePlus Asset Management Service

  • Automated inventory controls across your infrastructure
  • Comprehensive monthly install base analysis
  • Centralized reporting
  • Single Source of Truth (SSoT) environment across your install base
  • Software licensing details and consumption insights
  • Improved financial management support

Let’s put you in the driver’s seat to achieve the business outcomes you seek and win the race against your competition. Complete the fields to the right and a member of our team will be in contact with you right away.

You can also click here to learn more about ePlus Asset Management Service.


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