Cloud Security Posture Management

Do you currently have assets in AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google GCP public cloud environments? Do you understand the risk posture of your public cloud assets? Are you facing challenges with cloud sprawl, remote workforce enablement and the introduction of new security risks, or overall management and visibility of your cloud infrastructure?

ePlus offers a Cloud Health Check to assess your cloud security posture. The Health Check is an automated security scan of one of your public cloud environments using compliance frameworks that align to your requirements. Your organization will benefit from a Cloud Health Check if you...

Lack visibility into the cloud

Need help maintaining compliance

Lack consistency in overall security

Are seeing an increase in misconfigurations

Don't have a cloud adoption strategy

What will you get from a Cloud Health Check?

Executive Summary findings report of current public cloud security posture.

Visibility into the risk level and compliance status of your current public cloud environment.

30-minute follow up call with an ePlus security expert to review critical findings and provide recommendations.

*The Health Check is limited to a single account and up to 100 assets

Cloud Security Posture Management (CPSM) automates governance across all multi-cloud assets and services including visualization and assessment of security posture, misconfiguration detection, and enforcement of security best practices and compliance frameworks for:

Complete Visibility

into all assets, workloads and security policies across virtual networks, regions, and accounts on public clouds & K8S.

Continous Enforcement

of regulatory compliance standards and security best practices, with flexible rules engine and auto-remediation.

Active Protection

against vulnerabilities, identity theft, data loss, and accidental or unauthorized changes.

CSPM is offered through select ePlus OEM partner solutions or through Cloud Security Monitoring, a managed service offering from ePlus.


Schedule your Cloud Health Check and talk to an ePlus security expert about Cloud Security Monitoring.