MDR with ePlus & Cisco

Cisco Managed Detection and Response (MDR) combines an elite team of researchers, threat intelligence (Talos), and responders with automation and response capabilities leveraging Advanced Malware Protection for Endpoints (AMP4E), Stealthwatch Cloud, Umbrella (DNS / Cloud-Web Security), and ThreatGrid (Sandboxing). MDR can reduce the time to detect, contain, and respond to threats from months to hours and leverages Cisco’s world-class integrated security architecture to provide relevant, meaningful, and prioritized response actions for our customers so that they can make intelligent decisions about their security response plan and posture.

Video Podcast with Cisco and ePlus

In this podcast, we discuss how Cisco leverages their secure architecture technologies (Stealthwatch Cloud, Amp for Endpoints, ThreatGRID, Umbrella) to give customers a comprehensive view of what is happening on their network. While each serves an individual purpose in a layered defense, when used together this solution is capable of detecting issues much more quickly and in an automated fashion, so that your organization can respond quickly.

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NEW Whitepaper: MDR: Buy vs. Build.

Effective security operations is a cornerstone to a mature cyber security program. The decisions regarding building your own team or outsourcing are often driven by cost, skills, and available systems architecture. This paper breaks down key principles to effective security operations and helps you assess your needs and what it will take to achieve success.

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Kevin Mitnick is the world's most famous hacker, a New York Times bestselling author, and the top cybersecurity keynote speaker. Once one of the FBI's Most Wanted because he hacked into 40 major corporations just for the challenge, Kevin is now a trusted security consultant to the Fortune 500 and governments worldwide. Kevin and The Global Ghost Team™ maintain a 100 percent successful track record of being able to penetrate the security of any system they are paid to hack into using a combination of technical exploits and social engineering.

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