Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) is the latest evolution of network security, delivered from the cloud, providing secure connectivity from every person or device to any application, on-prem or across multiple clouds. This new concept, identified first by Gartner, defines a set of solutions that protect and secure devices through one central platform. A SASE model provides a bridge between users and their apps with direct connectivity, consistent policy, and in-line security services for centralized security, more predictable performance, high availability and lower connectivity costs. Learn more about SASE from the best in the business.

What is SASE and How Did We Get Here? As applications shift from data centers into a multi-cloud world, we see the emergence of SASE architectures, enhancing how users connect. Learn more about how Check Point helps streamline this process so that users can access their resources securely. This whiteboard interview explores the 5 principals of a successful SASE implementation: uncompromised security, prevention, unified security policy, zero trust approach, seamless networking performance.

How to improve the WFH experience with SASE Changes in work trends and rapid cloud adoption has caused organizations to examine how they access remote applications in data centers and the cloud. This coupled with the drive for multi-cloud security is a key factor in the decision to consider a SASE solution. In this interview, ePlus and Fortinet discuss how you don’t need to sacrifice security for ease of access, and why network performance in a SASE platform is crucial to success.

Control Data from Anywhere As workforces remain largely remote, organizations are struggling to help users to dynamically access and secure their applications and data. Palo Alto Networks delivers the networking access and security that organizations need in a purpose-built cloud-delivered infrastructure. The solution secures all paths to cloud across offices, small branches, and remote users achieving simple, structured, and scalable connectivity for improved performance and centralized policy and security.

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