Secure Teleworker Solutions

Now more than ever organizations are leveraging workforces that are operating from remote locations – including employee homes. This introduces many new points of entry for cyber attacks, including additional wireless networks connecting into the corporate hub – not to mention an exponential increase in devices – from laptops to tablets and mobile phones. Add to this a substantial increase in cloud usage – to accommodate regular data traffic as well as disaster recovery and back-up – and you’ve created a swirling vortex of additional weak points that can be exploited. For this reason, it has become critically important to ensure your security program accounts for not only endpoints, but all of these additional entry-points to your network, as well as the data paths connecting them. There are many tools available to enable you to create a secure remote environment for your teleworkers. We have included a helpful set of information resources below that can help you navigate some of the available options – and start enhancing the protocols you have in place to accommodate a largely remote workforce.

The security challenges organizations are facing today cannot be addressed by a single technology or policy. Secure remote workers in a simple and easy way, and at the speed and the scale of your business.

Mission: Visibility With much of our workforce operating in a remote capacity, VPN concentrators are being overloaded with duplicate or unnecessary traffic. When the right traffic is properly directed to the right infrastructure, regardless of whether it’s on-prem or in the cloud, you have a more efficient network, both now and in the future.

Engineered for Remote & Secure Productivity As organizations continue to work remotely for the foreseeable future, companies need to take into account different types of users and levels of access to ensure business continuity. Fortinet solutions including VPN, Endpoint Management and 2FA help set remote offices up for success, their needs spanning from general email access all the way to executive access to sensitive data.

Gear up with a Self-Driving Network A remote workforce shouldn’t be difficult to build or maintain. Juniper Enterprise at Home extends the AI-Driven Enterprise to remote workers in an easy to set up, scalable model with the ability to remotely resolve IT issues for maximum security.

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