Additional tips and best practices for ongoing success

Although you have a lot to consider while planning your cloud security posture management strategy, you will be most successful if you keep the following tips in mind:

Ongoing monitoring and testing are needed.

Here’s why: when you deploy in a certain environment, it may work. But then when you add controls to that environment to make it more secure, it can break. Generally, having the ability to leverage CSPM in read-only mode provides the ability to generate insight into the environment without impact. Of course, when changes are needed, write mode is leveraged to resolve aforementioned findings.

Remember that education and training are important components.

Why? If you aren't educated on the native tooling provided by public cloud providers, you’re not going to get a lot of use out of a cloud security posture management solution. You will need a cloud center of excellence team that consists of several key stakeholders throughout the organization. Holistic coverage is critical.

The best cloud security posture management is achieved by:

  • strategically defining your needs upfront and building security into the environment from the very beginning.
  • knowing that you have a shared responsibility with the cloud provider for your enterprise’s cybersecurity.
  • educating yourself and your IT department so you can take full advantage of all the tools and controls that are offered.
  • knowing when you need to ask for help by engaging with experts who have deployed thousands of cloud platforms within countless enterprises across all industries.

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