Effective Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) can help

Despite enthusiasm for the public cloud and the accelerated need for it, you are undoubtedly facing issues you didn’t encounter with on-premise IT. Maybe you’re experiencing a lack of visibility that you weren’t used to in the on-premise world. Or, the move from a centralized office to a decentralized workforce has pushed the need for even more cloud access. You may have difficulty knowing how many assets you have in the cloud, who has access to what, or what volume of data you need to manage and protect. Many business leaders do not completely understand who is responsible for security in the cloud—the cloud service provider (CSP) or the organization. It is important to remember that ultimately, the responsibility for a secure network lies with you, not the cloud provider. According to Gartner, nearly all successful attacks on cloud services are the result of customer misconfiguration and mistakes.2

As a savvy IT professional, what can you do to protect your data in the public cloud and ensure your brand is secure? Experts recommend investing in cloud security posture management processes and tools to proactively and reactively identify and remediate your risks.


What is CSPM and why is it important?

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