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While the value of data is increasing exponentially, many organizations are still protecting that critical data with an aging infrastructure and decades-old policies. Increase your confidence in recovery by modernizing your data protection policies and adopting next-generation technology without incurring costly CapEx purchases.

71% of IT Decision Makers

are not confident in their recovery abilities.

Source: Zerto Disaster Recovery Guide | DR in Virtualized Environments

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Confident Recovery….as a Service

The need for data recovery can arise from accidental file deletions, database corruptions, malicious activities such as malware, and a variety of other reasons. Even in the face of these risks, most organizations struggle with a lack of regular testing for all of the recovery scenarios that matter. ePlus Cloud Managed Backup provides both full management of the backup and recovery environment along with regular testing so you can remain confident in your ability to recover when disaster strikes.

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Best-in-Class Technology

As an industry leader in data protection, Rubrik technology provides next-generation capabilities to protect your data whether it resides in your data center or the cloud. Leveraging Rubrik technology also unlocks the possibilities of ransomware recovery as well as data governance and compliance. ePlus Cloud Managed Backup allows you to adopt the latest data protection technology without upfront CapEx investments.

Consumption-Based Cost Models

Backup is frequently one of the least funded technologies within IT. Traditionally, the cost to adopt backup technology was one of the biggest barriers to adoption. As part of the Cloud Managed Backup service, ePlus provides Rubrik hardware and software in a consumption-based cost model, allowing you to pay only for what you use each month. With hardware and additional burst capacity delivered to your data center, adoption of leading-edge technology has never been easier.

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