Cyber Insurance

When it comes to cyber insurance, security posture is key.

Your organization is no exception.

With ransomware on the rise, your cyber insurance brokers are taking a closer look at how prepared you are and how strong your security posture is. While we face ransomware threats of increasing frequency and sophistication, insurers are putting more complex and stringent requirements in place.


Increased rates of 30-50% across the board.*


Are you resilient enough to recover?


Do you have the right technologies in place

- AND - have you tested your implementation?

Do you have an


program in place that limits business disruption?

Are you prepared to provide the right


to your insurer?

Insurers are inspecting in much greater detail. The requirements your organization met last year are no longer enough. Organizations that aren’t prepared will be faced with:

  • Increased rates of 30-50% across the board
  • Decreased, limited or NO coverage
  • Lawsuits from customers or employees if data is exfiltrated

This Is Real.

Ransomware now accounts for

75% of all cyber insurance claims.**

What Can ePlus Security Do For You

ePlus Security can help solve gaps related to cyber insurance standards and address market concerns on ransomware preparedness. ePlus can help create documentation/artifacts of proof for your agent.

Putting simple policies in place around backup and recovery, incident response, or outsourcing security consulting services your organization can’t support could be the difference between coverage or no coverage; high premiums or fair premiums.

Source: * Aon PLC, 2021 ** AM Best’s Market Segment Report, June 2021