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Incident Response Services

Having an Incident Response (IR) program in place is critical in the event of a Ransomware or other cyber attack. When an incident occurs, do you have a repeatable IR process in place that limits business interruption? Do you have access to a team of forensics experts to assist you quickly?

How Can ePlus Security Help?

ePlus offers IR services and can assist you in defining your business processes as well as ensure you are limiting your potential exposure in the event of an incident.

ePlus Security offers the following IR Services:

Advisory Consulting

  • IR Program Assessments
  • IR Tabletop Exercises

Incident Response Retainer Programs

  • Retainer options that include forensics and containment services

Emergency Incident Response

  • In the event you have an incident without a retainer in place, ePlus can provide emergency services that include forensics and containment.

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