Delivering Joy 2021

Warm up your winter with ePlus and F5!

F5 helps organizations deliver and secure extraordinary digital experiences. Through a portfolio of automation, security, performance, and insight solutions, F5 empowers customers to create, secure, and operate adaptive applications. These applications will naturally adapt based on their environment—growing, shrinking, defending, and healing themselves—so organizations can focus on their core business, increase revenue, improve operations, and build trust with their customers. Sign up to take a meeting with ePlus and F5, and we’ll warm up your winter by sending you: ◦ a spirited winter F5 beanie ◦ fresh-baked cookies to share (or not) ◦ and a gift card for your time!

ePlus respects our customers’ and partners’ ethics and compliance rules. Please ensure that your acceptance of any gift from us is consistent with your company’s policies. *NOTICE TO ALL PUBLIC SECTOR EMPLOYEES – We trust you understand ePlus’ desire to ensure that we – and you – comply with applicable government gift and ethics rules set forth in Federal and State regulations, which restrict/prohibit public sector (government or education) employees from accepting gifts from entities doing or seeking official business with the public sector. A “gift” includes, but is not limited to, refreshments/meals, giveaways, raffles, or other items of value, which are in excess of $20 in most instances. If you wish to receive any of these items, you may be required to pay market value for them. *NOTICE TO ALL OTHER PARTICIPANTS – By participating in this offer, you confirm that you have approval from your organization to participate and will only accept gifts or promotional items and entertainment that are not prohibited by your organization’s policies. You also understand and agree that you (and not ePlus) shall be responsible for managing compliance with your organization’s policies.