ePlus Cloud Collaboration

Powered by Cisco UCM

Your time and your team are valuable. So is your network. There’s an easy and cost-optimized way to better utilize the investment you’re making in both. Learn more below.

Your team

Why waste their time managing core, foundational functions when they can be focusing on technology that creates more strategic outcomes and value for your organization?

Your time

Why dedicate attention to monitoring and managing basic call functions – as well as paying data center costs for them -- when migrating them to the cloud can easily and effectively be managed by a credentialed, highly-qualified team of experts that can do it for you 365x24x7?

Your network

Why not benefit from minimized downtime, system redundancy, secure, encrypted transmission and additional features available only in the cloud? In addition, full management by ePlus allows you to wash your hands of day-to-day management and maintenance with peace of mind that everything is in good hands.

For a small monthly per user cost, you can outsource this core functionality, eliminating the need to:

  • Pay for and reserve physical space in the data center
  • Conduct manual updates
  • Increase fluctuating power requirements
  • Manage multiple service providers, with multiple contracts and terms

All while having the confidence that:

  • With network operations centers across the U.S., our staff are “always on” watching and monitoring your system – identifying and remediating problems before you have to call and ensuring updates are made in real time
  • Your call network will be reliable, predictable and up to date
  • Someone else is managing this so you don’t have to
  • By outsourcing the day-to-day operations of your IT infrastructure, your focus can shift from keeping the lights on to driving your business forward


Predictable, recurring, per person monthly cost. No surprises and no monthly variability based on power requirements, licenses or other factors.

Increases service reliability and minimizes downtime by leveraging ePlus data and network operations centers.

All data traversing the network is encrypted and secure.

Opens the door to additional cloud-based and cloud-enabled features and functionality.

Why ePlus? Peace of mind. We know this inside and out – and are designated and credentialed experts:

  • We’re a Cisco Master Collaboration Partner
  • We’re a Cloud Managed Services Master Partner
  • Our experts sit in five network operations centers, all over the country, that are always on, monitoring system health, proactively making updates and remediating issues in real time.

We do it so you don’t have to. Your internal resources (and data center space) can be used on more strategic projects that can help generate revenue while we take care of the basics. Try it today.