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IT challenges have been made worse as budgets decline and digital transformation initiatives are put on hold, hampering your organization’s return to growth. ePlus and Gigamon work together to drive digital innovation and reduce your attack surface through market-leading network visibility, analytics and threat detection and response that help solve critical performance and security needs. With the right tools in place, you can optimize your network, tools and teams to streamline your IT operations and bring down your costs, allowing for the growth and innovation your organization needs.

Working Together

Evaluate and Optimize with ePlus + Gigamon.

Gigamon Value Calculator

There’s an easy way to stretch your IT budget and get much more from your tool investments: optimize and eliminate unnecessary network traffic so your tools get only what they need and can handle.

Gigamon’s new value calculator allows you to quickly gauge how much you can save with higher tool efficiency.

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Too many tools. Too much data. Too many blind spots. Learn how easy it can be to gain the visibility you need with a single integrated platform.


Maximizing Network Visibility Case Study

Learn more about the complex business challenges one large enterprise faced, and how they were able to maximize network visibility, security and performance during recent challenging times.


IT Budgets on hold?

Last year, organizations were thrust into work-from-home scenarios they simply weren’t prepared for. Since then, vulnerabilities in network performance and security have been exposed and heightened, but the budget just isn’t there to make improvements.

Network Priorities

In Gigamon's recent study, more than half (53%) of respondents said security improvements and/or cost reductions are top priorities for the coming months.

Check out all the insights here.

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