A Greater Perspective

Our commitment to generating value for our stakeholders spans the spectrum of sustainability: environmental, social, and governance (ESG) responsibility. Our environmental and social programs seek to provide a positive impact on our communities, while our governance initiatives incorporate sustainability as a critical component of achieving our business objectives and properly managing risk.

ePlus in Action

A commitment to serving our customers, employees, communities, vendors and shareholders

When our customers make the choice to work with ePlus to address technology challenges, they are choosing a brand and a reputation impeccably built over 30 years. They are choosing our people, our experience, our commitment to excellence, our dedication to service, our integrity and our ethics. When our customers choose ePlus to help them achieve business objectives, it represents a validation of the trust they place in our people, our solutions, our services and our practices. We believe that this trust comes with great responsibility. This includes the responsibility to ensure the safety and development of our employees, because their health and wellbeing is at the core of our success. This includes the responsibility to share our success with the communities in which we live and work, ensuring that we are giving back to those around us. At ePlus, as our organization has grown, so too have the sustainable practices we have put in place that support environmental and social components of our organization as well as our business practices.

ePlus was recognized with Cisco’s Americas Social Impact Partner of the Year Award for our focus on making a direct, substantial, lasting and positive impact in communities where we work and live.

For more information on ePlus technology solutions, services or community-based efforts, please contact us directly.