Optimized operations for faster time to detection.

Managed Security Services that provide an unparalleled level of detection in a world full of threats.

Maintain your competitive advantage. Stay ahead of what’s coming next. Detect problems before or as they are happening. ePlus’ Managed Security Services help to leverage and augment existing controls to be able to quickly detect threats and provide you with the information and context you need to take immediate and effective action to protect your organization. Our 24/7/365 SOC and as-a-Service solutions are also there to help manage risk and ensure efficient operations. That way, your entire organization benefits from a consistent and reliable service provided by a highly-skilled and specialized staff that helps you leverage powerful automated response solutions.

ePlus Security is a leading security technology advisor and integrator with a broad solutions portfolio, strong industry relationships and unmatched breadth of engineering talent and expertise. With a focus on customer experience, our security team designs and delivers outcome-focused, customized cyber security programs aimed at defining and mitigating business risk, identifying business challenges and creating safer digital environments. ePlus Security is a trusted advisor and partner for all the security needs of your organization.

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