Carrier Expense Management

Managing multiple carriers, contracts, and services across the globe can be costly, time-consuming, and complex. When COVID-19 hit, the process became even more arduous. With an unexpected shift to a remote workforce, many organizations have a dynamic, and potentially smaller, office footprint that often requires right-sizing and renegotiating carrier-based service contracts. There is also a trend towards moving voice and data service workloads from on-premise to the cloud and/or colocation space, which introduces a new slew of modified invoices to track and manage.

How Can Carrier Expense Management Help?

More than an annual telecom audit, ePlus Carrier Expense Management is an on-going managed service that combines auditing, automation, and expense management into one solution. You’ll work more efficiently and lower costs significantly with:

  • Comprehensive global contract visibility, term liability support, monthly expense management, and invoice auditing
  • Accounts Payable integration and MACD/project management for circuit provisioning and decommissioning
  • A convenient consolidated single bill for all of your services

Intuitive Portal

You’ll have convenient portal access to view all telecom circuit inventory information, including:

  • Location site address
  • Carrier/provider (tech support number and escalation list)
  • Circuit type (such as dedicated Internet)
  • $MRC, $NRC (bandwidth, term length, and contract start / end dates for site)