What's Next: Expense Management

In a time of financial uncertainty, management of expenses and cashflow are more important than ever. The pressure to balance competing demands is at an all-time high—finding immediate ways to reduce costs while also building a foundation for innovation as the “next normal” emerges. So while your short-term focus has been re-prioritized in light of COVID-19, your long-term strategy and vision to enhance processes and invest for future growth and scalability have remained intact. There are multiple ways to optimize cost structure while also funding innovation moving forward, such as optimization of cloud-based services to avoid wasted spend, consolidation and proactive management of carrier expenses, or even the use of strategic financing programs to help you plan for and fund long-term technology projects.

Enhance visibility and operational control of your cloud resources

Accelerate cloud adoption with cost-optimized deployments

Rely on business intelligence to cut carrier costs and streamline operations

Offset unexpected, unbudgeted costs and align to your long-term plans

Cloud Cost Optimization Services

Powered by a combination of CloudCheckr and architecture-as-a-service, this managed service enables you to lower and optimize your AWS and Azure spend by providing enhanced cost visibility, operational control, and data-driven guidance from ePlus Cloud Architects.

Carrier Expense Management

Our fully-managed service uses a powerful technology platform to provide you with comprehensive global contract visibility, term liability, expense management, accounts payable integration, and project management as well as convenient bill pay for your monthly recurring services.

Strategic Financing Programs

With a variety of financing, leasing, and consumption-based options available to enterprises across every industry, you can procure technology when and how you need it, at a price point you can manage—while documenting all expenses for maximized deductions.