Navigate the Next

Unexpected things lead to unexpected places. Whatever is waiting around the next corner and whether you’ll need an advisor, a strategist, a designer, an architect, a teammate, a trainer, a problem solver or an extra set of hands, IGXGlobal can help. We are a dedicated partner who wears many hats, relentlessly committed to creating positive business outcomes for our customers. We’re particularly good at using technology to provide customers with flexibility, especially when they’re not sure exactly what they’ll need next. Navigating the next isn’t about knowing what’s coming – it’s about working with a partner like IGXGlobal who can help you build an agile foundation that leaves you prepared for it.


Security: Go Beyond

Cloud & Data Center: Journey to Modernisation

Networking: A READI Architecture

Collaboration: Unleashing Productivity

AI: Accelerating Intelligence

Services: Perspective Means Everything

Technology Financing: Maximise Investment Power

It goes without saying that navigating your way is far easier when you have visibility into the terrain surrounding you. We’ve produced a Special Report on the technology impact of COVID-19 and how IT organisations can be more prepared for the future. Providing insight, takeaways and expertise from IGXGlobal technology specialists, our informative guide will be a great companion as you Navigate Your Next.


IGXGlobal Navigating Disruption Special Report

“COVID has in many ways been the enabler to start trusting all the technology we have in place. And if we trust the technology, digital transformation will happen as an outcome of that. I think all companies are under digital renovation – and I think that’s largely going to produce a set of new outcomes.” -CIO, Telecommunications Conglomerate

“Digital transformation is about implementation of new solutions and technology but it’s more about changing behavior, elevating technical competency and driving adoption. It’s about leveraging technology and workloads that you already have in place. People are doing things more digitally than they ever have before. Paper-based businesses and functions are being challenged by circumstance to evolve.” -CIO, Global Law Firm

“The center of the college’s network transformation is automation. Even once students started to come back, we needed more access points physically installed in each of 2,000 dorm rooms over a weekend, because much of their learning was still online. If we had not done this, the network would have failed miserably. In a sense, we were already on an automation trail – but then COVID hit and we had to implement some of that thinking almost immediately. Our total network is 60,000 endpoints right now but it’s not just the wireless network. We have a full stack automation for wired and wireless and it’s game changing.” -CIO, Ivy League Academic Institution