What's Next: Return to Workplace

Developing a return-to-workplace plan is no small task. It will be necessary for organizations to put new measures and protocols in place that help keep employees safe and protected as they enter shared workspaces. Our Return to Workplace offering helps you put the basics in place:

Address employee/ customer safety & comply with health guidelines

Reinforce social distancing

Monitor building usage and track occupancy

Maintain a productive work environment

MONITOR Physical Distancing

  • Maintain the safety and health of employees and guests using insights from Wi-Fi-based location services
  • Track activity as people enter a space
  • Density threshold monitoring
  • Provide reports on time spent in the office, building utilization, and other metrics that could inform potential reconfiguration needs
  • Enable IT and security staff to monitor, in real time, clustering of devices in a physical space to enforce physical distancing, and act on insights via push notifications to devices
  • Enable a safe process for customers to check-in and engage with a business without requiring human interaction
  • Enable continuity of essential operations through tracking of critical assets, environment monitoring, and physical space density

ENSURE Safe Working Conditions

  • Limit access to and congestion within a building 24/7 by utilizing badge sleeves to automatically detect and alert with Bluetooth Low Energy technology (BLE)
  • Touchpoints & monitoring
  • Automated COVID-exposure tracking and notification while ensuring privacy
  • Limit disruption in the workplace

ENGAGE Visitors

  • Leverage Intelligent cameras at ingress, egress, and key zones within your environment to track user density and traffic flow
  • Present engaging digital visuals to help control movement and admittance to key areas
  • Easily integrate via APIs to help steer arrivals to locations with lower population densities and wait times ensuring a positive employee and customer experience

The Return to Workplace offering includes technologies that are flexible, customizable and can provide real-time data; all critical in the current climate. You can also leverage your existing infrastructure to provide solutions that can facilitate a return to the workplace without high-cost, unbudgeted investments such as AI/facial recognition/thermal scans that also create privacy concerns. By leveraging partnerships with key technology providers and coupling that with deep technical knowledge and experience, ePlus provides a comprehensive approach to help you move operations back to the workplace, seamlessly and efficiently.