Strategic Financing Programs

Organizations in literally every sector were forced to address the unexpected disruption of COVID-19. Now that the initial shock has worn off, a shift in thinking is under way as the “next normal” emerges and customers plan for an IT infrastructure that may never return to its former state. We are seeing significant transformations in terms of security and network access, moving workloads to the cloud, bandwidth and management, and licensing challenges as organizations align unbudgeted expenses and pivot to support longevity.

Acquire and Deploy Technology to Drive Business Transformation

ePlus offers a variety of flexible payment programs to help you fund innovation and spread expenditures over time to cost-effectively build a foundation that addresses the current challenges and is scalable to fuel innovation moving forward. Options include:

  • Operating Lease Payments
  • Low Interest Capital Leases
  • Step Payments
  • Deferred Payments

Our team of experts can help you identify capital and operational expenditures and consider accounting rules to optimize the impact on your bottom line. We can also guide you to manage, track, and document COVID-19 expenses to maximize tax deductions as federal programs evolve.

Podcast: Financing Unexpected Technology Expenses

This episode will discuss current credit markets and explore payment options available to commercial or government enterprises looking to fund projects, hardware or software.

Vendor Financing

Providing financing options to your customers makes it easy to provide them with one, streamlined approach to technology procurement and implementation. Increasingly customers are expecting the vendor to offer payment solutions as part of the procurement process. ePlus Vendor Financing offers your company a one-stop-shop for all your customers. With 30+ years of experience, we have developed leading solutions that are easily integrated into your sales process, relevant to the current market and accounting rules, and are flexible to your customers' needs. Our people are the difference, and our seasoned sales team is available to support you whenever and wherever needed.

Benefits of Offering Payment Solutions

  • Close more sales
  • Close a larger sale
  • Close more profitable sales/retain margins
  • Increase customer retention
  • Improve your internal cash flow
  • Remove the risk of termination for convenience
  • Remove the risk of non-appropriations

Payment Solutions

  • 100% financing of hardware, software, maintenance, and services
  • Subscription Services financing allows you to get paid upfront
  • Traditional lease, loan, and installment payments
  • "As a Service" solutions
  • PO Financing allows payment solutions within existing contracts
  • Managed equipment solutions
  • Technology refresh programs