We’ve all read a great deal about “managing disruption” over the years—it was a popular term until 2020 brought the world to its knees and created an entirely new definition of disruption. With our personal and work lives completely upended, there has been a collective learning curve as the dust begins to settle and we adjust to navigate the constantly-evolving new normal.

“I’m not exactly sure what outcomes I need right now, what I need is flexibility for whatever the next normal becomes.”

- CIO, $2B technology company

These recent events have numerous implications as organizations embark on digital transformation initiatives, propelling agility and modernization into the spotlight. In this eBook, we will explore the challenges created by these initiatives, and how to create a modernization lifecycle to support your organization’s ongoing transformation. But first let’s level-set what we’ve observed in the industry.

There are four common themes we’ve seen across organizations (regardless of industry, size, and geography) in terms of where they are investing their time, people, and money:

Digital Transformation Initiatives

There’s been an increased focus on technology spending that specifically drives business value, as opposed to just keeping the lights on.


Security continues to be top of mind and has become more complex with the increase of remote workers accessing sensitive date.

Safe and Productive Workforce

Whether onsite, remote, or a hybrid approach, it is essential to provide a safe and productive environment for employees to remain effective.

Expense Management

As the pandemic shifted business models for most organizations, driving down expenses and optimizing costs have become paramount.


Seven in 10 boards of directors have accelerated digital business initiatives in the wake of COVID-19 disruption, developing digital products and services to maintain and accelerate their customer engagement, and help them reach their revenue growth targets.

- Gartner Board of Directors Survey, conducted in May and June 2020

Now that we've set the stage, let's dive deeper into each section below.


Modernization Challenges and Lifecycle

Digital transformation requires modernization, and with modernization comes specific challenges. Guidance along your journey can help you solve these challenges and be the most efficient service provider possible.

Data Center Modernization

Modernizing your data center infrastructure and extending capabilities to the cloud are critical for an enterprise hybrid cloud deployment.

Foundations of Optimized Cloud

Not all cloud deployments are deployed to best practices and fully optimized. Explore the foundations of consuming cloud in an optimized fashion and the technology components to support accelerated cloud adoption.

Why ePlus?

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