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If you’re familiar with hyperconvergence, you’ve likely asked yourself, “how exactly can it change the way my datacenter operates?” Or even, “which problems can it solve for me?We have the answers! Join us for a 30 minute discussion on how hyperconverged can solve your legacy infrastructure problems and learn why it’s now the foundation of thousands of the world’s most powerful datacenters. As a thank you for your time, ePlus and Nutanix would like to send you one of the following items…a $250 Spafinder gift card or a $250 Amazon gift card. You pick! Sign up today! Simply schedule a time to learn how ePlus & Nutanix can modernize your data center and transform your business.

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Customer Stories: CarMax Turbo-Charges the Customer Experience

The biggest retailer of used cars in the U.S. speeds innovation by streamlining business processes and simplifying IT management with Nutanix Enterprise Cloud. Nutanix AHV helps reduce hypervisor licensing costs and enables them to manage their entire environment, across more than 190 stores, through a single console. Nutanix Flow provides network segmentation capabilities that greatly enhanced their security. As a result of moving everything to a single hyperconverged infrastructure, CarMax is able to provide an improved customer journey through an ability to launch new services more rapidly.