Customer Success

Our customers span every industry, from healthcare and finance to public sector and IT, and the challenges they face are as diverse as they are. Although cloud, security and digital transformation have remained top of mind for many of our customers, others have been forced to transition their operations to accommodate and enable dispersed workforces as a result of an unprecedented pandemic. Working together with our customers, on both the “business as usual” projects and on the “need it yesterday” ones, ePlus enabled their ability to meet challenges head-on. The stories below demonstrate agility in action.

Accelerated VDI Expansion via Cloud-Based Services A large organization faced an immediate and unexpected challenge to support 20,000 users to work from home – but current compute and networking limitations could not accommodate adding the necessary capacity to their virtual desktop environment. The company reached out to ePlus for technical guidance on a Friday. ePlus mobilized a team of nearly 20 engineers from across the country to design, build, configure, test, and deploy an extension of the customer’s existing VMware Horizon environment into Microsoft Azure in under a week’s time. Connected to the customer’s on-premise data center, the virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) deployment allows remote workers to run their business applications and continue providing services from home. By leveraging the cloud, the customer can rapidly provision and deprovision desktops as needs change. Because of the speed and success of the engagement, the organization asked ePlus to expand the environment to support up to 40,000 users – delivering the scalability and agility to be prepared for the unknown that lies ahead.

Enabling Continuity of Care at a Children’s Hospital A Children’s Hospital customer needed to ensure that its radiology department could continue to function remotely in the wake of COVID-19. While willing to continue their important work reading scans and providing diagnoses essential to continuity of patient care, the hospital did not have laptops that would enable this team to continue its critical function remotely. ePlus was able to secure home work stations for the radiologists allowing them to guarantee ongoing radiology support to their clinical colleagues taking care of women and children – even when the radiologists were quarantined at home.

ePlus Service Desk Delivers Seamless End User Support An equipment and tool rental company sought to switch to a hybrid, high-touch, remote help desk model that offered improved customer service along with zero impact on users during the transition. In addition, the organization required a solution that could leverage ServiceNow for ticketing to simplify IT operations and integrate with other platforms and offerings (including proactive monitoring and management as well as IT deployment services) to support its 800+ store locations. ePlus implemented an integrated solution that streamlines technical support for 18,000 users across North America along with managed network and voice infrastructure services for 800+ sites.

Fast VPN Expansion A public sector customer was running a VPN solution originally designed to scale to 25,000 users. Unfortunately, in the shift to remote worker enablement, the customer experienced issues when the volume exceeded 7,000 users. The ePlus team was able to stand up a cloud solution that could support 10,000 VPN solutions temporarily while the hardware-based solution was implemented. Once the hardware part of the solution was up and running, the Cisco/ePlus solution supported 25,000 VPN users and can scale up to 50,000 users, giving this customer capacity to easily accommodate all its users.

Data Center Modernization for a Global Education Provider An education organization had a sprawling legacy infrastructure, which was creating availability and operational challenges, including increasingly high costs to maintain. In addition, recent merger and acquisition activity presented design challenges that were difficult to resolve without major changes to the existing infrastructure stack. Working with ePlus, the organization successfully collapsed two data centers into one, reducing its server infrastructure by 81% while implementing a modern data protection solution with an efficient use of cloud storage.