Baseline Performance and Map Business Outcomes

ePlus offers a wide array of assessments, workshops, and demonstrations that span key discipline areas in cloud, data center, security, and IT infrastructure. We bring a unique technical perspective and synergy to help you get a clear handle on your current state, determine your strategic initiatives, and provide an in-depth look at technologies as you build a vision to achieve your business outcomes.

Assessments | Actionable Insight

Assessments help you understand what’s really going on within your IT environment, providing valuable insight you can use to adapt to shifting demands and deliver better business outcomes. Armed with that knowledge, you can make your IT environment more reliable, scalable, high performing, and secure.

Our portfolio of 25+ assessments help ensure your IT environment is protected and cloud-ready. You’ll be able to evaluate performance to support your business requirements and improve the customer experience as well as gain immediate insight into the health of your environment to reduce risk.

  • Cloud and Data Center Assessments—Determine the right cloud model for your applications and workloads, properly evaluate and plan for migration to public cloud, reduce data center risk, and optimize your environment, and prepare for hybrid computing.
  • Infrastructure Assessments—Prepare for IOT and digitization with our digital-ready network assessment, SD-WAN readiness assessment, infrastructure assessments, and infrastructure lifecycle assessments that provide a comprehensive view of your network—using a business-focused approach—and a roadmap for next steps.
  • Security Assessments—Know where your exposures are, so you can take action to eliminate them. Point-in-time tactical assessments help you identify security weaknesses, test for vulnerabilities, and create a remediation plan.

You will have an actionable remediation plan for critical issues, cost savings measures, and consolidation opportunities that support your business requirements. When you work with ePlus you can be confident that best practices are being used and that you’re adhering to industry standards and compliance requirements.

Workshops and Demonstrations | Deeper Dive for Success

Our workshops help you define and explore various technologies, solutions, concepts, and implementation practices you may need to consider when facing business challenges that affect today’s business landscape. We review your objectives, baseline your requirements, evaluate technology relevance (including tools, processes, and skillset), and provide the cross-functional expertise needed to help your initiatives be more impactful.

Our workshop offerings include:

  • Digital Readiness Workshop
  • Simplify your Security - An ePlus Virtual Workshop

Digital Readiness Workshop

This two-hour virtual workshop begins with a series of questions that will help us map your organization against IDC’s Network Maturity Model and better understand what is required to meet the objectives of your business. It will help you identify where you are today and where your business needs to be in the near future with plenty of discussion around COVID-related changes.

The second part of the workshop includes an interactive whiteboard overview of Intent Based Networking delivered by a Solutions Architect. The technology areas reviewed and prioritized include automation, security, self-assurance, analytics, and multi-domain Infrastructure (ACI/SD-WAN/SDA).

At the conclusion of the meeting, you will be provided the initial results of your questionnaire. These results will show you where you are on the maturity model today and where you identified you want to be in the near future. You will also be provided a comparison against your peers of a similar size and market. Then, within a couple of weeks, your ePlus team will provide a customized roadmap prioritized by your identified top focus areas and desired business outcomes.

Simplify your Security – An ePlus Virtual Workshop

This two-hour workshop opens with a quick update of the latest features of Cisco’s security platform. This new platform has been designed to unify visibility, enable automation and strengthen security based on the features built into the underlying products. Following the update, our National Principal Architect for Cisco Security will engage you in a virtual interactive whiteboard that details the various portfolio products and demonstrates how they integrate and solve for three current use cases (including specifics related to COVID-19 and Zero Trust):

  • Protecting the network
  • Keep mobile employees safe
  • Securing the cloud

The workshop closes with a demonstration of Cisco SecureX.

These are important tools that have been designed to help you achieve the following outcomes:

  • Get time back – See your security ecosystem in one view
  • Eliminate tasks – Automate tasks for SecOps, ITOps and NetOps
  • Improve Metrics – Reduce the dwell time of threats by helping you investigate and remediate faster

Our demonstration offerings include:

  • Enterprise Networking
  • Software-Defined Access
  • Software-Defined WAN
  • Meraki Dashboard
  • Security
  • Ransomware Defense
  • Identity Services
  • Behavioral and Encrypted Traffic Analytics
  • Multifactor Authentication
  • Firepower Threat Defense
  • Collaboration
  • Webex
  • Data Center
  • Application Centric Infrastructure
  • AppDynamics
  • Intersight
  • Assessments
  • Security Online Visibility Assessment
  • Domain Name System Assessment