Sustainability and ensuring a healthy and thriving global supply chain is core to our business strategy. Our company and our culture are built upon responsible operations spanning a vast and far-reaching supply chain as well as a global footprint.

Across the ePlus portfolio of solutions and services we are committed to:

  • Operating our business in a manner that reduces our impact on the environment, reduces pollution, and protects the environment and natural resources.
  • Managing the life cycle of our products, equipment and solutions in an environmentally responsible manner, including retirement and appropriate disposal.
  • Maintaining full compliance with applicable environmental laws, regulations, and other obligations, including considering the potential environmental impacts of daily business decision-making processes, along with opportunities for conservation of natural resources, recycling, source reduction and pollution control. We require this same compliance of our business partners.

Asset Disposition

We prioritize the appropriate disposal and retirement of technology assets across our organization, ensuring that all disposition meets or exceeds approved environmental recommendations and standards. ePlus is certified to dispose of assets in an environmentally responsible manner. We hold e-Stewards, R2, and NAID AAA Certifications that demonstrate our ability to promote conservation, recycle and efficiently use energy, minimize impact on the environment and reduce operating costs. As this is an important priority for us, we also help our customers with these needs, including data destruction and responsible recycling for nearly any electronic devices. Services we offer to our customers include asset reallocation, decommissioning and disposal, recycling kits, asset refresh and buy back, and inventory/serial number capture.

Office Spaces

ePlus’ office locations provide a safe and productive home base for more than 1,000 of our employees. When we look for new office space to lease, we consider the environmental footprint of that location, including whether the space has any energy-related certifications, complies with all relevant green standards such as LEED and Green Globes and has carbon emission reduction goals. Our offices typically include energy-efficient features such as LED lights that turn off automatically, energy-efficient HVAC systems and insulation ratings, and recycling receptors.

Environmental Policy

We consistently attempt to partner with organizations who are environmentally aware and responsible. All of our major manufacturing partners employ and prioritize environmental sustainability practices of their own.


ePlus encourages our employees to reduce waste by refraining from printing, encouraging and facilitating recycling materials by placing receptacle containers for paper, plastics, cans and bottles in our worksites.

Supply Chain

The ePlus vendor landscape includes Arista Networks, Cisco, Dell Technologies, HP Inc., HPE, Juniper Networks and NetApp, all of whom have publicly-stated commitments to the environment.

Our Roots Grow Deep:

We are proud to have added an environmental cause to our charitable efforts this year by committing to plant 10,000 trees through One Tree Planted, a non-profit organization dedicated to making it easier for individuals and businesses to give back to the environment, create a healthier climate, protect biodiversity, and help reforestation efforts around the world. This mission fits perfectly with the ePlus mantra of helping our customers see the forest “and” the trees when it comes to their IT strategy. We have combined this environmental-wellness initiative with the wellness initiatives of our employees, leveraging the natural synergies between the two, and planting trees on behalf of employees who make self-care a priority, and share details of those efforts with us.